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icon Cuban FlagCayo Ensenachos

Satellite image of Cayo EnsenachosCayo Ensenachos is part the Cuban beach-resort called “Los Cayos de Villa Clara”, located off the northern coast of the province of Villa Clara, and that also include Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Las Brujas. This small group of keys is part of a larger archipelago called “Jardines del Rey”. The "Cayos de Villa Clara" are connected to Caibarien (small fishing town on Cuba's main island) by a 48km-long causeway which runs across the Bahia Buenavista.

The small Ensenachos key offers a “one island/one hotel” concept and boasts two of the most spectacular beaches in Cuba: Playa Ensenachos and Playa Megano. The hotel opened its door in December 2005 under the name Occidental Royal Hideway Ensenachos and was back then an adult-only resort. The hotel is currently managed by Iberostar Hotels & Resorts since 2011, and was renamed Iberostar Ensenachos. It became a hotel for everyone, with the PARK section for families, the SPA section for adults (18+) and the GRAND VILLAGE section which is 14+.

The access to Cayo Ensenachos is strictly limited to hotel patrons, making this island one of the only place in Cuba where the beaches are not public. The sea is always very calm due to the orientation of the cayo, and its beaches are made of very fine white sand. The “Cayos de Villa Clara” are part of the UNESCO recognized Buenavista Biosphere Reserve and are a refuge for dozens of species of endemic plants and wildlife.

The hotel Iberostar Ensenachos has one main building where most services are located (lobby, buffet, restaurants, bars, theater, disco, etc.), and three sections of room buildings that are covering most of the cayo, they are:

The Park Suites section

Satellite image of the Park Suite at the hotel Iberostar Ensenachos • 14 buildings / 270 rooms
• Pool of 700 m2, Jacuzzi
• Water Park for children
• Snack bar "Ensenachos" and Aquabar
• Beach restaurant "La Punta del Pirata"
• Seafood restaurant

The Spa Suites section (18+)

Satellite image of the Spa Suite at the hotel Iberostar Ensenachos • 10 buildings / 190 rooms
• Adults pool of 930 m2
• Snack bar "El Megano"
• Aquabar
• Spa and Beauty salon
• Jacuzzis

The Grand Village Suites section

Satellite image of the Gran-Village Suite at the hotel Iberostar Ensenachos • 46 Luxury Suites in 23 villas
• Separate lobby
• Adult pool of 236 m2
• Aquabar
• Jaccuzi
• Gourmet Restaurant Royal Club

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