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icon Cuba flagSpecialized Fishing

Do not contact us to book this tour, we are NOT a travel agency or tour operator, this page is for information only.

Specialized fishing excursions (fly, spinning, vertical jigging, bottom...) are done in two different locations and types of boat:

At Cayo Paredon Grande (an island east of Cayo Coco)

  • Fishing zone: In the channels of the cayos between Paredon Grande and Megano
  • Type of boat: Flat bottom skiff
  • Capacity per boat: 2 fishermen
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Boarding point: Cayo Paredon Grande Fishing Base
  • Inclusions: Transfers, specialized crew, bottled water, fishing license. Not included: Fishing gear.
  • Prices (2017, in CUC):
    - Price per boat, with transfer from hotels in Cayo Coco: 240
    - Price per boat, with transfer from hotels in Cayo Guillermo: 280
    - Price per boat, without transfer: 190

Around Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo

  • Fishing zone: Shallow waters around Cayo Coco and Guillermo
  • Type of boat: Motorboat (lancha)
  • Capacity per boat: 2 fishermen + 2 companions
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Boarding point: Marina Gaviota Cayo Coco (aka Marina Aguas Tranquilas) or Marina Marlin Cayo Guillermo
  • Inclusions: Transfers, specialized crew, fishing gear, fishing license, snacks, bottled water (other drinks for sale).
  • Prices (2017, in CUC):
    - Price per boat, with transfer (from any hotel): 150
    - Companions: 30

Suggestions on what to wear and bring:
Light color comfortable wear (preferably long-pants and long-sleeves shirt for sun protection), sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, waterproof camera, cash in small denominations for drinks and tips.

This excursion is subject to weather conditions; in case of bad weather the tour may be rescheduled or cancelled with full refund.

Lily & Normand


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