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Public Transportation

Public Transportation available in the Jardines del Rey

The Jardines del Rey Bus Tour

These open-top double decker buses are a convenient and economical way to stroll around Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. Note however that these buses do not cross the pedraplen (causeway) to travel to cities on the main island of Cuba, they only circulate within the cayos. The hop-on/hop-off ticket costs 5 CUC per person roundtrip, you buy the ticket on the bus. Its route includes a stop at every hotel, the commercial centers, the Spa Acuavida, the dolphinarium, Playa Pilar, Boat Adventure docks, Sitio la Guira; and upon request: Marina Marlin Cayo Guillermo, the Rocarena Climbing Circuit, and the Ocio Club games center. See here its itinerary. The schedule is displayed at the entrance of each hotel. They run from about 8am to 7pm.


You can usually find them in front of each hotel and at the entrance of the commercial centers. Given the limited number of taxis you may sometime have to wait a long time to get one during high season. We suggest asking the hotel's receptionist to call one for you. For a transfer to the Cayo Coco Airport, it's suggested to reserve at least 24 hours in advance. There are two types of taxis, the government owned taxi and the "taxi particular"(private taxi), many of the latter are restored 1950’s American Classic cars locally called "Maquina" or "Yank Tank".

The little Dotto Train

These cute fake trains is a fun way to travel short distances. Cost is 2 CUC per person per ride. There's one running in the Playa Larga and Playa Las Coloradas sectors, it stops at hotel Colonial, Tryp Cayo Coco, Iberostar Mojito, Commercial Center Gaviota, Sol Cayo Coco, Melia Cayo Coco and Pullman Cayo Coco. There's another one in Cayo Guillermo that runs from the Delfinario to Playa Pilar and stops at every Cayo Guillermo hotel along the way. Note that there's no Dotto Train in the Playa Flamenco sector (Melia Jardines del Rey, Pestana Cayo Coco, Memories Flamenco) and in the Playa la Jaula sector (Memories Caribe, Hotel Playa Coco).

Horse drawn carriage

The most romantic way to stroll around Cayo Coco. They can be found in front of some hotels. You can reserve and pay directly with the conductor, or you can arrange a ride with the tour operator representatives located in the lobby of your hotel. Price: 5 CUC per person.

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