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icon cuban flagParque Nacional El Baga (National Park)

Parque El Baga, Cayo Coco, Cuba

A far as we know this park is closed since at least 2011, therefore the knowledgeable guides, who previously showed visitors to the park, are no longer on-site. However, even though the park is "officially" closed, we heard that it would still be possible to organize private tours, but we have no information on this. You can also go there by yourself if you rent a car or scooter, “in principle” you need permission to enter, security guards may be present, but the last time we went no one was there. We climbed the tower and walk a bit on the trails but had to quickly come back because we didn’t bring any mosquito repellent, there were tons of them! We were told that the park should eventually reopen, we’ll keep you posted…

The Parque Nacional El Baga is one of Cuba’s seven national parks. It’s located at the northwestern tip of Cayo Coco (see interactive map below). Prior to 2002, one part of this area used to be a small domestic airport, the tower of this old airport now serves as an observation tower at the entrance to the park. It’s named after the Baga Tree (breadfruit tree) that grows in humid areas and can reach 2 to 4 meters’ high. It covers an area of 7.7 km2 (769-hectare) filled with different types of forests, lakes, and mangroves. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful natural environment and diverse wildlife, including: about 130 species of birds, iguanas, “jutias” (hutias), turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, etc.

Here are some of the facilities that could be found in the El Baga Park when it was still open, **these are currently unavailable**
• Restaurant and snack bars
• Interpretation center with rooms to hold lectures and exhibits on nature
• Netted butterfly garden
• Crocodile enclosure
• Reproduction of an aboriginal Taino village
• Horseback riding and pony rides for the kids
• Tours in aboriginal canoes

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Contact Info - Parque El Baga
Carretera a Cayo Guillermo, km 17, Cayo Coco, Ciego de Avila, Cuba
Phone: (53 33) 30 1062

How to get there
You can go by yourself if your rent a scooter or a car. The Panoramic Bus doesn't go there since the park is closed. The entrance to the park is on the main road connecting Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, in the western side of Cayo Coco. It's easy to spot the observation tower (old airport tower) from the road.

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