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icon cuban flagRanchon Flamingo, Cayo Coco

Ranchon Flamingo, Cayo Coco, Cuba

• Beach: Playa Flamenco
• Close-by hotels: Melia Jardines del Rey, Pestana Cayo Coco, Memories Flamenco.
• Phone: (53 33) 30 1049
• Services: Open-air grill restaurant (specialties: seafood, grilled fish or meat), bar, live music, bathrooms, showers, a little entertainment stage on the beach, lounge chairs on the beach.

This Bar & Grill, also called "Ranchon Flamenco", is located on the gorgeous Playa Flamenco, in the western hotels’ zone of Cayo Coco. It’s very easy to walk to the ranchon by the beach from the hotels mentioned above. If you’re staying in another area, you can take the panoramic bus called Jardines del Rey Bus Tour, and get off at the Plaza Los Flamencos (a commercial and entertainment center) located near the entrance of hotel Melia Jardines del Rey. There’s a small road behind the Plaza that leads to Ranchon Playa Flamenco, follow this road sign.

It’s a nice and friendly place to have a cold drink, a snack or a meal after a long walk on the beach, while enjoying the magnificent view of the sea. Ranchon Flamingo is an independent property, but due to its very close proximity with hotel Melia Jardines del Rey Resort, people might think that it belong to this hotel, it’s not the case, everyone can eat and drink there.

As far as we know, this ranchon is not always open for dinner, but can be reserved for private dinner parties. It's also the venue for the Beach Party Flamenco excursion held one a week.

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Typical Ranchon prices (may vary): Seafood Special (half-lobster, shrimps, fish) 15 to 20 CUC / Full lobster plate (langusta) 15-20 CUC / Shrimps (camarones) 8-10 CUC / Cuttlefish (calamares) 5-6 CUC / Grilled chicken or pork 4-5 CUC / Grilled fish (pescado) 5-6 CUC / Hamburger 2-3 CUC / Beer and soft drinks 1 CUC / Rum cocktail 1.50 CUC

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