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icon cuban flagRocarena Climbing Center (Parque de Escalada)

Rocarena Climbing Center, Cayo Coco, Cuba

The Rocarena is a huge climbing circuit that was inaugurated in May 2015. It’s located in Cayo Coco, just next to the hotel Sol Cayo Coco, see the distance table and interactive map at the bottom of this page. It was assembled by the German company CON-IMPEX, representative in Cuba of the firm Kristall Turm who specialized in high-rope courses and climbing and bouldering walls.

This is a fun and challenging aerial adventure for all ages. The 13-meter hexagonal structure has three levels supported by eighteen 32-meter high masts. The circuit include up to 90 activities of varying degrees of difficulty, and can accommodate 120 people who can enjoy the various elements simultaneously.

The circuit is made of platforms, ropes, and all-kinds of funny and unusual objects. The first-level platform, at just one meter above ground with 12 climbing elements, is designed for kids from 4 to 8 years of age.

There is no fixed course, each person can choose their climbing route without being obstructed by others or having to wait for long periods. The higher you go, the more challenging it gets. The highest level of the main tower serves as a viewing platform. KristallTurm has a team of experts who check each installation prior to use to ensure that the highest safety standards are strictly adhered to. Each climber wears a harness with a highly-secure system with 2 snap hooks.

Prices (2017) - Climbing Circuit - 2 hours

• Ages 4 to 8 (or measuring less than 1.30 meter): 5 CUC
  (lower level children course)
• Ages 8 to 16: 12 CUC
• Ages 16+: 16 CUC

Additional hours: 50% of the above prices

Prices (2017) - Other Activities

• Climbing wall 15 min. (no age or size limit): 5 CUC
• Bungee Jump: 10 CUC
• Giant swing (minimum size 1.30 meter): 5 CUC
• Zip Line (minimum age 6): 3 CUC
• Access to upper platform (30 minutes): 5 CUC

Distance between hotels and attractionsicon arrow leftClick the thumbnail to view the distance bewteen each hotel and the Rocarena

Contact Info - Parque de Escalada Rocarena
Owner: Grupo Extrahotelero Palmares S.A.
Address: Cayo Coco, Jardines del Rey, Ciego de Avila, Cuba
Phone: (53 33) 30 2129
Hours: from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Daily

icon galleryClick to view our Gallery of the Rocarena.

How to get there
People staying in some hotels of the Playa Coloradas and Playa Larga sectors can walk to the Rocarena Climbing Center, either by the road or by the beach. There’s a small road from the beach to the Rocarena, just west of hotel Sol Cayo Coco. Here are the transportation options for people staying in hotels further away: The Little Dotto Train, the Panoramic Bus, horse-drawn carriage, or a taxi. See our Getting Around page for more information.

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