Scuba diving in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo

Diving, Cayo Guillermo

The Jardines del Rey Archipelago is a prime location for scuba diving. Beginners and diving enthusiasts who are staying in one of the hotels of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, can easily book excursions to enjoy the local marine life; the area is recognized for the quality and diversity of its dive sites.

Here are the Dive Centers:

(associated with Marina Marlin, see price list below)
Phone: (53 33) 30 1620
Email: /

(associated with Marina Marlin, see price list below)
Phone: (53 33) 30 8179 or 30 8180
Email: /

(a.k.a. Marina Aguas Tranquilas)
Phone: (53 33) 30 1011

Recent changes:
- The Green Moray Dive Center at hotel Melia Cayo Guillermo no longer exist. Since December 15th 2016, it was replaced by Coco Diving which was previously located at hotel Tryp Cayo Coco.
- The Dive Center at the Marina Gaviota is new

These dive centers are ACUC certified (American Canadian Underwater Certifications), note that the American PADI certification cannot be validated in Cuba due to the economic embargo. Accepted certifications for the divers include: PADI, CMAS, NAUI, SSI, FEDAS, and ACUC. Beginners are required to take the introductory lesson given at the hotels' pool before the diving excursion.

For the Blue Diving Center (hotel Melia Cayo Coco) and the Coco Diving Center (hotel Melia Cayo Guillermo), you gear up at the center located on the beach, then wade into the water to the boat, which is moored in about 1 meter of water, and climb aboard. You can get to both of these hotels with the panoramic bus called Jardines Del Rey Bus Tour or by taxi. As for the diving center located at Marina Gaviota, transportation from your hotel to the marina is included when buying diving excursions.

Several types of dives are offered, day and night dives, at different depth, in coral reefs, shipwrecks and caves. It's possible to make up to 2 dives per day. The dive centers also offer courses (different levels) with an ACUC and SSI certification (internationally recognized). They also organize excursions to other surrounding provinces in Cuba, such as: Bull-shark feeding in Santa Lucia, and an amazing wall diving in the Trinidad area (more information below).


Price in CUC (2017)


Price in CUC (2017)

1 45 7 243
2 83 8 269
3 119 9 293
4 153 10 315
5 185 11+ 25 per dive
6 215    


Price in CUC (2017)

Introductory course
1 lesson in pool + 1 open-water dive at less than 12 meters
Scuba Diver 240
Open Water Diver 365
Advance Diver 250
Rescue Diver 280
First Aid Diver 180
Oxygen Provider Diver 180
Dive Master 650

Special Excursions :

Excursions in other regions :

Full-Day Diving
99 CUC (companion 49 CUC)
Includes: 2 dives, lunch on board (seafood or chicken), open bar.
Media Luna Double Tank
110 CUC
Includes: Transfers, double immersion, lunch on the island of Media Luna, (lobster or chicken), 2 drinks.
Trinidad - Wall Diving
119 CUC (companion 49 CUC)
Includes: Transfers, wall diving double tank, cold lunch, 4 drinks, 1 bottle of water.
Santa Lucia - Sunken ship + shark feeding
125 CUC (companion 49 CUC)
Includes: Transfers, immersion at sunken ship + shark feeding show, cold lunch, 4 drinks, 1 bottle of water.

Dive sites:


Depth (meters)

Distance in nautical miles

La Propela 3 m 1.0
Barrera Felipe 3 m 2.2
Felipe 30 m 2.8
La Angelica 17 m 2.9
La Morena 18 m 3.0
La Sorgonia 30 m 3.15
La Finca 30 m 3.2
El Perro 17 m 3.5
Los Mogotes 17 m 3.9
El Pargo 30 m 3.3
Media Luna I 30 m 4.0
El Aguaji 30 m 4.8
Media Luna II 30 m 5.0
Media Luna III 30 m 6.2
El Acuario I 17 m 4.6
El Acuario II 17 m 5.2
Los Mevos 30 m 5.6
La Jaula I 30 m 8.2
La Jaula II 17 m 10.0
La Barracuda 30 m 6.4

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