Scuba diving in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo

Diving, Cayo Guillermo

Description from the Tour Operators ...

« Curious to discover the seabed, or you already have the experience to take the diving suits and oxygen tanks? We offer you twice a day the chance to a scuba diving between 12 and 30 meters. Allow 10 CUC more by diving equipment. Package for certified divers. Basic course for beginners. Feel free to try!

The coral reef extends north of the Jardines del Rey over 20 kms at depths ranging from 2 to 40 meters. The dive sites are located in relatively shallow. The sea floor topography is varied. Its main attraction is the variety of fish that inhabit the area. You'll feel like an aquarium.»

You can contact the dive center at the following address ...

Phone: (53 33) 308179   /   Email:

Phone: (23 33) 301223   /   Email:


Price in CUC


Price in CUC

1 45 11 335
2 83 12 353
3 119 13 369
4 153 14 383
5 185 15 395
6 215 16 405
7 243 17 473
8 269 18 428
9 293 19 442
10 315 20 445

The dive center in Melia Cayo Coco and Melia Cayo Guillermo hotels is Marlin certified NNW (not PADI). It is administered by the company « Blue Diving ».

Double tank: 96 CUC / Snorkeling course: 20 CUC / Pool: 25 CUC


Price in CUC

« Curso Open Water » 310
« Curso Avanzado » 250
« Curso de Rescate » 210
« Scuba Diver » 180
« Curso Resort » 70
« Primeros Auxilios » 180
« Buceo en corriente » 180
« Profundo » 180
« Orientación » 180
« Oxigenación » 180
« Introductory Dive » 70
« Easy Diver » 180
« Bubble Maker » 10
« Advance » 250
« Rescue Diver » 335
« Medic First Aid » 180
« Divemaster » 550

All the sites to discover in scuba diving around Cayo Coco and Guillermo ...


Depth (meters)

Distance in nautical miles

La Propela 3 m 1.0
Barrera Felipe 3 m 2.2
Felipe 30 m 2.8
La Angelica 17 m 2.9
La Morena 18 m 3.0
La Sorgonia 30 m 3.15
La Finca 30 m 3.2
El Perro 17 m 3.5
Los Mogotes 17 m 3.9
El Pargo 30 m 3.3
Media Luna I 30 m 4.0
El Aguaji 30 m 4.8
Media Luna II 30 m 5.0
Media Luna III 30 m 6.2
El Acuario I 17 m 4.6
El Acuario II 17 m 5.2
Los Mevos 30 m 5.6
La Jaula I 30 m 8.2
La Jaula II 17 m 10.0
La Barracuda 30 m 6.4

It is not the best to go to scuba diving or snorkeling directly from the beach. You must get to the marina and take a boat or catamaran. If you are looking for a place in Cuba where it is possible to dive (snorkel) without booking a tour, please visit our website dedicated to this small diving paradise in Cuba ... Jibacoa, Cuba. You will not be disappointed!

For several years we are taking underwater photos that we share with lovers of the marine world throughout our multiple websites. As we had hundreds of photos scattered across several sites, it became difficult for visitors of our websites to access all our underwater photos and videos.

In 2008, we launched a website dedicated exclusively to the marine world. It includes fish, corals and other specimens photographed and information on our digital cameras and tips for diving. A tribute to the wonderful world colorful and diverse, but fragile.

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