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Commercial Centers, Jardines del Rey, Cuba

Centro Comercial La Gaviota   Image Gallery

This is the largest commercial center in Cayo Coco, it's open daily from 8:30 to 16:00. I’s located at the small roundabout where you’ll find the access roads towards the hotels located on the Playa Larga and Playa Coloradas sectors, see map below (Yellow markers are the shopping centers). The closest hotels to this shopping center are: Hotel Colonial, Tryp Cayo Coco, Iberostar Mojito, Sol Cayo Coco, Melia Cayo Coco, and Pullman Cayo Coco. The 3-storey building is shaped like a seagull (gaviota in spanish). The ground floor is an open-air handicrafts market, and on the first and second floors you’ll find air-conditioned boutiques.

Services include: Handicraft market with several kiosks, cigars shop, coffee and rum shop, boutique for souvenirs, beach items and clothes, market, jewelry store, perfumery, snack bar, tourist information office, bathrooms.

Plaza Los Flamencos   Image Gallery   Map of the Plaza   Aerial view of the Plaza

This commercial and entertainment center is located in the Playa Flamenco area, right next to hotel Melia Jardines del Rey, and close to hotels Pestana Cayo Coco and Memories Flamenco, see map below (Yellow markers are the shopping centers). This is a place where tourists can find many other options besides the ones offered in their all-inclusive resort, and at a very reasonable cost too!

Services include: An open-air handicraft market, the Blue Moon NightClub (Disco), the Spa Heiwa, a beauty salon, a bowling house (Bolera), the Japanese restaurant Magetsu, the jewelry store Coral Negro, a gift shop, a Casa del Habano (cigars shop), an outdoor stage for shows.

For more detailed information please visit our Plaza Los Flamencos webpage.

Servicentro La Rotonda (service center)   Image Gallery

This one is not a commercial center as such, it’s a gas station with a few others services. This service center is called "Rotonda" (Spanish for roundabout) because its located at the large roundabout where the two main roads cross, the North-South road connecting Cayo Coco with the main island of Cuba, and the East-West road connecting Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, see map below (Yellow markers are the shopping centers).

Services include : A gift shop, a Snack Bar "El Rapido", a ETECSA center (where one can buy phone and internet cards), and a bank (Banco Financiero Internacional) which is for now the only bank in the cayos of the Jardines del Rey.

They are currently (2017) building a new bank ("Bandec” branch) right next to the Rotonda gas station. Note that there’s currently only two gas stations in the Jardines del Rey, the other one is in Cayo Guillermo, next to the Boat Adventure docks, in front of Marina Marlin. The price (2017) for gasoline is 1.00 CUC per liter for "Gasolina Regular", and 1.20 CUC per liter for "Gasolina Especial".

Plaza "Punta Alegre" (name to be confirmed)

This commercial and entertainment plaza will offer similar services as the Plaza Los Flamencos. It’s currently under construction, it should probably open in late 2017. It’s located on Cayo Guillermo, in a sector called Punta Rasa (west of hotel Sol Cayo Guillermo). It will be next to the new hotels Grand Muthu Hotel Cayo Guillermo and Catalonia Cayo Guillermo.

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