YouTube videos of Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Paredon

We recorded a few videos during our several stays in Cayo Coco. For easier viewing, I have edited all our files that were originally in MOV format to compile them in WMV format.

Previously, our video editing were compiled in Flash format (FLV). As they were recorded many years ago, we decided to delete them from the site. Since 2013, when we have to share our videos on the web, we upload them on the well-known site ...

Click the thumbnails below to view our videos ...

Acuavida Spa & Talaso
Lenght: 1:00 minutes
YouTube: Déc. 2010

Hotel Melia Cayo Coco
Lenght: 5:13 minutes
YouTube: May 2014

Cayo Coco
Lenght: 5:23 minutes
YouTube: May 2014

Cayo Guillermo
Lenght: 2:27 minutes
YouTube: May 2014

Restaurant Lenny's Bar & Grill
Lenght: 1:41 minutes
YouTube: May 2014

Cayo Paredon
Lenght: 1:23 minutes
YouTube: May 2014

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