About beaches in Cayo Coco

Beaches in Cayo Coco are all located north of the island, so the sun rises on the beach in front of the hotels, a magnificent sight! There are several beaches on the island for a total distance of about twenty kilometers, BUT not continuously.

Like all the islands of the king's gardens (Jardines del Rey), the beaches are separated by ancient coral reefs now emerged (Cuban calls this Diente del Perro). It is almost impossible to cross these areas, between beaches, without shoes or water sandals.

There is a panoramic bus that runs all day between the eastern sector of Cayo Coco down to the western side of Cayo Guillermo (Playa Pilar). The fee is only 5 CUC per person for the whole day. Click HERE to learn more about the transportation on these islands.

All beaches in Cuba are public, so access is unrestricted. The slope to enter the sea is low, and the water is shallow due to its sand dune, the highest of the Caribbean (15 meters above sea level). All the hotels have their own water sports center located on the beach of the hotels. Beach chairs, palapas and beach towels are also included in your travel package.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you will receive a coupon to present to the club house to get your beach towels. You can redeem every day if you want. HOWEVER, if you lose your beach towel, a fee of 20 CUC will be charged when you check out. Please do not leave your towels unattended all day at the beach, some tourists may steal towels from other tourists because they do not want to pay the fee. Be advised!

As everywhere in Cuba, topless is allowed on the beach and around the pool area (not as common as the beach). Usually these women do not circulate topless on the hotel's ground. There is no Clothing Optional beach in this area of Cuba. However, as there are kilometers of virgin beaches on this island, you may surely find some good places to relax and enjoy an « Au Natural » suntan.

If you want to know more about Clothing Optional beaches in Cuba, visit our website online since 2010. You will find information about Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria.

Do not miss to visit the lovely beach in the nearby island called Playa Pilar (Cayo Guillermo).

No. 1

Playa Los Perros (2.4 km)
Located at the west end of the island, after the « Punta Los Perros »

No. 2

Playa La Petrolera (1.2 km)
Located west of « Punta La Jaula »

No. 3

Playa Uva Caleta (5.0 km)
Located in the sector called « Ensenada Puerto Coco »

No. 4

Playa La Jaula (2.7 km)
Hotel Playa Coco and Memories Caribe Beach Resort

No. 5

Playa Flamenco (2.7 km)
Memories Flamenco, Pestana Cayo Coco and the Melia Jardines del Rey.
Leading East of « Punta del Cuerno »

No. 6

Playa Dorada (1.3 km) and Playa Prohibida (0.3 km)
There is a small restaurant named Lenny's Bar & Grill in Playa Prohibida

No. 7

Playa Las Conchas (0.3 km)
Small private beach of the hotel Villa Cayo Coco.
This hotel and the Spa Acuavida Talaso are located on « Punta Caimanera »

No. 8

Playa Larga (2.6 km)
Located between « Punta Rasa » and the « Penon Las Coloradas ».
Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco, Tryp Cayo Coco, Ole Mojito and Cayo Coco.

No. 9

Playa Las Coloradas (2.5 km)
A nice beach located in the Eastern sector of Cayo Coco.
Hotel Sol Cayo Coco, Melia Cayo Coco and Pullman Cayo Coco
The beach ends at « Punta Coco »

(Distances evaluated using © Google Earth)

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