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Beaches in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, Cuba

The gorgeous beaches of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo cover almost the entire length of the northern coastline of these two cays. They are made of powdery white sand bathed by crystal-clear turquoise waters and the sea is calm, making this beach-resort a perfect place to enjoy safe swimming, water sports, and long walks on the beach.

Map of the Cayo Coco beaches Cayo Coco beaches
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Map of the Cayo Guillermo beaches Cayo Guillermo beaches
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As you can see from the maps above, the northern coastline of both island is divided into several stretches of sandy beaches separated by points or sections of rocky shoreline. Put together they represent more than 20 kilometers of spectacular beaches.

Offshore coral reef platforms protect the beaches from high surf. Every beach has a gentle sloping sandy entrance to the water with many shallow areas created by the sand dunes. These calm waters are great for families with young children, and also to enjoy all-kinds of water sports. The area also offers the best kitesurfing (Kiteboarding) conditions in Cuba, especially in Cayo Guillermo. Visit our Kitesurf page for more information.

All hotels in Cayo Coco/Guillermo are directly on the beach, except for the Aprathotel Azul (aka Villa Azul), the Cabanas Sitio La Guira, and the Villa Gregorio. Every all-inclusive resort has lounge chairs and palapas (shade structures with a thatched roof made out of palm fronds) on their segment of beach, and beach towels are provided.

Here’s the list of the beaches, along with the name of every hotel or other tourist facilities found on each one of them :

In Cayo Coco, from East to West :

1. Playa Las Coloradas
  • Ranchon Las Coloradas (Bar & Grill)
  • Hotel Pullman Cayo Coco
  • Hotel Melia Cayo Coco
  • Hotel Sol Cayo Coco

2. Playa Larga
  • Hotel Iberostar Cayo Coco
  • Hotel Iberostar Mojito
  • Ranchon Las Dunas (Bar & Grill)
  • Hotel Tryp Cayo Coco
  • Hotel Colonial by Iberostar

3. Playa Las Conchas
  • Hotel Villa Gaviota Cayo Coco
  • Acuavida Spa Talaso (nearby)

4. Playa Dorada
  • Virgin beach

5. Playa Prohibida
  • Ranchon Playa Prohibida (aka Lenny's Bar & Grill)

6. Playa Flamenco
  • Hotel Melia Jardines del Rey
  • Ranchon Playa Flamenco (Bar & Grill)
  • Hotel Pestana Cayo Coco
  • Hotel Memories Flamenco

7. Playa La Jaula
  • Hotel Memories Caribe
  • Hotel Playa Coco

8. Playa Uva Caleta
  • Campismo Popular Cayo Coco

9. Playa Los Esteros
  • Virgin beach

10. Playa La Petrolera
  • Virgin beach

11. Playa Los Perros
  • Virgin beach (not accessible by road)

In Cayo Guillermo, from East to West :

1. Playa El Paso
  • Hotel Sercotel Cayo Guillermo
  • Hotel Iberostar Daiquiri
  • Ranchon Cuba Libre (Bar & Grill)
  • Hotel Melia Cayo Guillermo
  • Hotel Sol Cayo Guillermo

2. Punta Rasa (near Playa del Medio)
  • Hotel Grand Muthu Cayo Guillermo
  • Hotel Catalonia Cayo Guillermo

3. Playa Pilar
  (NO hotel directly on Playa Pilar)
  • Hotel Iberostar Playa Pilar: 1 km southeast of Playa Pilar
  • Ranchon Playa Pilar (Bar & Grill)
  • Beach Club Playa Pilar (chairs, sunbeds, shades)
  • Nautical center Playa Pilar (water sports)
  • Hotel Centara Cayo Guillermo: 150 m. northwest of Playa Pilar

Playa Cayo Media Luna
(This cayo is about 2 km offshore Playa Pilar)
  • Ranchon Media Luna (Bar & Grill)

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