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icon cuban flagRanchon Playa Prohibida (aka Lenny's Bar & Grill), Cayo Coco

Ranchon Playa Prohibida, Cayo Coco, Cuba

• Beach: Playa Prohibida
• Close-by hotels: None. It’s about 2.2 km west of the Acuavida Spa and about 3 km east from the resorts located on Playa Flamenco. It’s not very easy to reach on foot, we suggest renting a scooter, car or taxi.
• Opening hours: 10 am to dinner time
• Services: Grill restaurant (specialties: seafood, grilled fish or meat), bar, live music, bathrooms.

This restaurant overlooking the beach called Playa Prohibida is more secluded than the other Ranchons in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, but it's well worth the trip! Their famous Seafood Special (lobster, shrimps, fish, salad and rice) for 15 CUC is hard to beat!! Due to its location on a virgin beach, the place truly possesses this away-from-it-all vibe that makes you want to take a break, feel the breeze and enjoy the sea view. While you enjoy a tasty meal and cold drinks, the house-band Coco Indio will play your choice of lively or romantic music.

This ranchon is now better known as “Lenny’s Bar & Grill” or “Lenny’s Lobster Shack” in honor of a longtime regular, a Canadian named Lenny, who’s also an active member of the Cayo Coco forum on TripAdvisor. He first visited this ranchon during a scooter ride with his daughter in 2000. At the time the restaurant was much smaller but they were already serving the most delicious lobster lunch accompanied by a cold beer! In 2008, the Ranchon Playa Prohibida was destroyed by hurricane Ike. Lenny helped the Cubans to rebuild the current new and improved version of the Ranchon Playa Prohibida. The place has since been affectionately nicknamed "Lenny's".

Another particularity of this ranchon is the hundreds of car license plates from around the world covering the inside roof, they were brought by tourists (mostly Canadians). We proudly contributed to the collection by bringing two old 1976 and 1977 Québec plates.

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Typical Ranchon prices (may vary): Seafood Special (half-lobster, shrimps, fish) 15 to 20 CUC / Full lobster plate (langusta) 15-20 CUC / Shrimps (camarones) 8-10 CUC / Cuttlefish (calamares) 5-6 CUC / Grilled chicken or pork 4-5 CUC / Grilled fish (pescado) 5-6 CUC / Hamburger 2-3 CUC / Beer and soft drinks 1 CUC / Rum cocktail 1.50 CUC

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