Lenny's Bar & Grill

Ranchon Lenny's Bar & Grill | Playa prohibida | Cayo Coco

A popular restaurant overlooking the beach named Playa Prohibida in a beach restaurant « ranchon-style » accompanied by Cuban musicians from the local group Coco Indio. It is a great place to relax with a nice breeze and a view to a virgin beach. Ranchon Playa Prohibida (Lenny's Bar & Grill) is located about 2.2 km west of the health center « Acuavida Spa & Talaso » in the north-central area of Cayo Coco. The site is not easy to reach if you want to get there by foot.

The particularity of this restaurant are the car plates brought by Canadian visitors. In spring 2014, we have contributed to this collection by bringing two Quebec plates dating back from 1976 and 1977 at the time of « La belle province », a lot more meaningful than the « Je me souviens ». The specialty of the house is the lobster meal with fish and shrimp for only 15 CUC. You can also order a plate of fish (7 CUC) or chicken (6 CUC). The price of beer is 1 CUC.

The name of the restaurant comes from a long accustomed Canadian named Lenny, well known on the Cayo Coco TripAdvisor forum. His first visit was in 2000 during a scooter ride with his daughter. At that time, the restaurant was much smaller and they served excellent lobster lunch accompanied by cold beer. Hurricane Ike in 2008 severely affected the Holguin province, but also the north islands of Ciego de Avila province. The small restaurant was completely destroyed. Lenny helped Cubans at the reconstruction in what we call now « the new version » of the Ranchon Playa Prohibida. Originally there were only two musicians, Junior and Orlando. More recently Coco and Roley have joined the group.

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¡ Buen provecho !

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