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Spa Acuavida Talasso Cayo Coco Cuba

All the hotels in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo offer professional massage located usually in the same premises as the gym or in a hut by the pool or sometimes by the beach. The cost for a massage in Cuba depends mostly on the number of stars of the hotel. The cost for a massage can vary from 10 to 90 CUC depending on the center and location.

The health center Acuavida Spa & Talaso is located west of the hotel Villa Cayo Coco (formerly Be Live Villa Coco). This is a very nice health center offering a wide range of massage and wrap in a charming environment with several sea water swimming pools. The interior pool is heated, which is quite popular during the winter months, especially during cold front. Click to see a satellite image of the health center.

A minibus shuttle service is available for hotel guests who have purchased a treatment package.

Many services are offered, including a three-hour packages including bathrobes, beach towels, sandals and locker for your personal belongings. All you need to bring is our swimsuit and CUC. You may also enjoy the facilities, without treatments, for three hours (15 CUC). If you wish to leave a tip, it is best to wait until the end of your stay. The tips will be divided between therapists of the day.

The Spa is open from 9 am to 17 pm six days a week. To book your package, you must go to your hotel’s lobby or meet the representative of the Acuavida Spa & Talasso that visits every day the hotels in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo.

Tea infusions are available to spa guests and alcoholic beverages are also available ($) at the bar by the pool. National beers (Crystal and Bucanero) and international (Heineken, Corona, etc.), juice, rum, water, etc. There are other services including a beauty salon, a drugstore, an international clinical and a gymnasium. Bathrobes with the logo Acuavida & Spa Talaso can be purchased at the store.

Click to see our photos and a video of the Acuavida Spa & Talaso.

Here are the packages offer at the Acuavida Spa & Talaso ...

Get rid of stress (56 CUC)

-Relaxing massage with reflexology (30 min)
-Mud therapy
-Jacuzzi pool with sea water
-Open bar
-Relaxation room
-Transfer included

Beauty Special (56 CUC)

-Facial exfoliation
-Anti stress or nourishing
-Seaweed mask
-Facial massage
-Hydromassage in Bath tub
-Relaxing pool with sea water
-Open Bar
-Transfer included

Cleopatra Bath (62 CUC)

-Relaxing massage (30 min)
-Foot refIexology (15 min)
(For physical and mental rebalancing)
-Cleopatra bath
(Rich in milk proteins and marine collagen, relaxing moisturising and nounshing)
-Steam bath
-Relaxing in heated sea water pool (37°C)
-Relaxation room
-Open bar
-Transfer included

Beauty Special (56 CUC)

- Vacum and Facial peeling
- Anti-stress or nourishing facial treatment
- Seaweed mask
- Reflexology
- Hydromassage in automatic bathub
- Relaxing pool with heated sea water
- Gym
- infusion

A SPA day (49 CUC)

- Relaxing massage (30 minutes)
- Fitness pool with heated sea water
- Jets pool with heated sea water
- Mud wraps
- Steam bath
- Gym
- infusion

Equilibrio (49 CUC)

Restoring energy balance.
- Massage and reflexology (rebalancing the body and vital system) 45 min.
- Heated pools 37°C (Anti-stress, toning)
- Warm mud wrap (circulatory scrub, draining and anti-stress (30 min.)

Price: 2014


Here are the distance between hotels and ths Spa ...

Pullman Cayo Coco : 5,5 km
Melia Cayo Coco : 4,3 km
Sol Cayo Coco : 4,2 km
Iberostar Cayo Coco : 3,7 km
Ole Mojito : 3,2 km
Tryp Cayo Coco : 2,4 km
Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco : 2,3 km
Hotel Villa Cayo Coco 220 m
Melia Jardines del Rey : 8,7 km
Pestana Cayo Coco : 8,7 km
Memories Flamenco : 9 km
Memories Caribe : 10,2 km
Hôtel Playa Coco : 9,9 km

Gran Caribe Club Cayo Guillermo : 33 km
Ole Mojito : 34 km
Melia Cayo Guillermo : 34 km
Sol Cayo Guillermo : 35 km

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